Many Paths to Success.

Planned Role Assessments

  • Planned Assessments are a series of interviews and events to discover and document the institutional knowledge of key members of an organization’s leadership team and/or subject matter experts (SME).
  • Clients receive detailed assessments of the drivers of success, structured onboarding plans, and on-demand resource libraries.
  • These resources will enable anyone stepping into the role in the future to see, hear, and read the words of their high-performing predecessor.

Rapid Role Assessments

  • These are time sensitive, high-impact programs in response to unexpected personnel transitions like resignations or temporary role assignments.
  • While similar to Planned Role Assessments, these rapid programs are executed during the typical “two-week notice” period, helping reduce business disruption and improve the hiring and onboarding process.

Coaching Client Teams

  • Seminars and materials that teach the Lithyus Group principles to full time staff, enabling organizations to drive their own knowledge transfer strategy.
  • Typically, coaching seminars are in-person events, however remote seminars and workshops can be just as effective.

Custom Training & Facilitation

  • Relying on the core Lithyus Group principles that value the individual’s expertise and passions, we customize process training and facilitate team events.
  • We help organizations introduce new ways of working while intentionally respecting the team that brought them to their current level of performance.

Drivers of Knowledge Transfer ROI