We are the Knowledge Transfer Process experts.

Discovering, Documenting, and Developing the Institutional Knowledge that Drives your Success.

Is there a person on your team you can’t imagine doing without? Someone who achieves far more than what is written in their job description.

Exceptional performers possess a unique combination of skills and experiences. We call this institutional knowledge and most organizations fail to understand it before it’s too late. Our products:

  • Prepare clients to mitigate the risks of business disruption caused by employee transition
  • Identify how exceptional performers succeed
  • Deliver actionable knowledge transfer and onboarding programs

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Why a Stone?

Our logo represents the stone from the tale of Stone Soup. In the story, the stone serves as the catalyst for sharing and creating something of value. Our mission is to be that catalyst for our clients.

We love Stone Soup so much, we named the company after it. Lithos (Greek for stone) + ius (Latin for soup). If you haven’t read the story in a while, click the logo to view it in a new tab.