Case Studies

Structured Process. Custom Results.

Role Assessment Case Study

A client took action to better understand key roles within their senior leadership team by engaging us for a Planned Role Assessment program. The spark for them was the unplanned departure of a senior leader – it was a wake up call that the organization didn’t have well-structured process documents or transition plans in place.

Through a series of fully remote interviews, we created multimedia resource portfolios for finance, service delivery, and Executive-level leaders. Our client received assessments of the current state, the requirements for excellence in each of the roles, and structured onboarding plans. When needed, over 60 hours of on-demand onboarding content is now available for new hires.

Custom Training Case Study

A client wanted outside experts to introduce a new sales process to an already strong team. The challenge was more than teaching new process – it involved helping the team recognize that their unconscious habits and abilities would be the drivers of success when applying the new tactics.

Our respectful approach fit well with the client’s vision for change management. Our design of the workshop flow and materials led to an engaging and affirming event. The multi-day workshop devoted equal time to mindset and methods. Afterward, participants indicated a strong interest in putting the tools to use and an eagerness for additional training sessions with us.