Who We Are

Respectful Curiosity. Focused Listening.

We love to hear a good story

Listening to exceptional performers tell us about their success is fascinating. We also know that anyone can struggle to explain how they succeed. Our structured and respectful process provides a framework that encourages sharing.

We use the tale of Stone Soup as a metaphor for how powerful our process can be. Our name and our logo are inspired by the story. Click here to read it in a new tab.

We love to tell a good story, too

Beyond listening, our passion is to educate leadership about their key employees. Our clients respect their team members, yet are surprised at the depth and breadth of information we are able to collect. And we’re serious about storytelling – our products go beyond the written word, integrating video, audio, and face-to-face interactions.

About Ben Bomar, Founder & President

Ben Bomar

Ben has been working in the US and Europe since 1997 and still loves to tell people that his favorite job was one of his first – English Teacher in the Czech Republic. Encouraging others to express themselves and helping them improve their abilities – that’s Ben.

Since leaving teaching, Ben has led Sales, Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Customer Support operations for Fortune 500 companies in the US and Germany. He has also served in leadership positions on multiple non-profit boards.

Ben and his family are proud to call Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, home. Ben founded Lithyus Group in 2021 after the challenges of the pandemic led him to change how he listened to and understood the many talents of his team members.