Stone Soup

The Story of Stone Soup.

A Stranger rides into a nervous town.

As he knocks on doors and begs for food to eat, the townspeople bolt their locks and peer out from their windows. They become curious as the stranger builds a cooking fire and sets a large pot of water over the coals. He announces that he is hungry for a meal of “Stone Soup” and begins searching for a suitable rock within a pile of rubble. Finding one, he places it in the water and waits.

After a while, the stranger tastes the soup and declares, “Delicious! If only I had some carrots to add!A few moments later, a door opens and a young girl steps out holding a bundle of carrots. She offers them to the stranger, who thanks her and slices them into the soup. He tastes again, this time even more excited, but wishes aloud that he and the little girl could add onions to their broth. The cycle repeats with onions, then mutton, then salt, then pepper, and so on. Soon, every resident of the town has come out into the open and added something of their own to the soup. In the end, the stranger and the townspeople enjoy a meal together in unity.