Engaging Issues and Audiences.

Ben Bomar is an accomplished speaker who delivers multimedia presentations on topics relevant to employee retention, transition, and institutional knowledge. Ben’s content is flexible (15-40 minutes) and has been adapted for video or in-person events.

Winter 2021/2022 Topics

The Great Resignation

Addressing current trends, Ben speaks about The Great Resignation and its potential impacts on small and medium sized organizations. Recent surveys indicate that more than half of American employees anticipate having a new job within 12 months.

Audiences learn about:

  • The data, analysis, and resources that led to “The Great Resignation” concept
  • Questions leaders should consider to assess the risks and opportunities for their teams
  • Outcome-focused strategies for responding when teams are impacted
  • Three to Try
    • Actionable recommendations attendees can launch within 48 hours

Institutional Knowledge within Mission-Driven Groups

Passionate about leadership strategy within non-profit organizations, Ben speaks about Institutional Knowledge within Mission Driven Groups. Client-first attitudes, personal connections to issues, and employee tenure can sometimes be too much of a good thing.

Audiences learn about:

  • The common reasons why institutional knowledge is concentrated within non profit organizations
  • The difference between “winning through heroism” and “winning through strategy”
  • Tactics for engaging the hidden heroes in every organization
  • Three to Try
    • Actionable recommendations attendees can launch within 48 hours