Recognizing the Hero’s Journey in your Team

Recognizing the Hero’s Journey in your Team | Lithyus Group

You probably know the adventures of Harry Potter, Dorothy Gale, Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, or Katniss Everdeen. These characters’ stories follow a specific arc described by Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In short, the hero is comfortable in their own world, but then there’s a call to adventure and life radically changes. They meet a mentor and undergo a series of challenges in a new environment, discovering strengths and skills within themselves. Ultimately they use these skills to overcome a challenge and return home. This is the hero’s journey.

These characters and their stories resonate with every generation because they resemble the learning process. Our clients are exceptional performers who have experienced their own periods of challenge and discovered new skills. They can name their personal Obi-Wan and describe with excitement how they defeated their own Deathstar. At the end of our engagements, our clients consistently say they feel validated and listened to. Many come to empowering realizations about themselves. It’s thrilling to help someone realize they are the hero of their own story.

To hear the Hero’s Journey told in detail and a fascinating way to use it as an agenda framework, check out this excellent video at

How the investment of time is a powerful tool for recognition

We also hear our clients say that they never would have taken the time to document their institutional knowledge without our involvement. Life, business, the next fire to put out – something always seemed to get in the way. Our series of scheduled, remote interviews was easy to integrate into their day. Each hour-long session was validating and not just another task on their plate.

Hand in hand with validation is an appreciation for the organization that allowed them to dedicate time. Clients say they are grateful to leadership for making it a priority to reflect and take pride in their skills. Our Planned Role Assessments fit well within a formal Reward and Recognition strategy.

Ways to show appreciation this week

Our recommendations are focused on recognizing others and helping us connect with the people you admire.

  • Recognize someone for their own Hero’s Journey by forwarding this post. Let them know that you saw their story in our description of the Hero’s Journey.
  • Say thank you to your own personal Gandalf or Glinda the Good Witch. Who called you to adventure or helped you realize the power was within you the whole time? We’d appreciate you recommending this site and our newsletter to that important person.

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