Are We a Good Fit?

Questions are good

We love questions and we’re glad that you have some. Check out our answers to some of the most common ones we receive. If you don’t see yours, connect with us and ask.

What do you mean by “Institutional Knowledge”?
  • We mean the combination of critical process skill, learned experience, and supportive networks that help make an individual successful.
  • We often find institutional knowledge in those persons with long tenures, deep subject matter expertise, and/or significant influence over strategic direction.
What types of teams and leaders use your products?
  • Teams that recognize that institutional knowledge has become consolidated into a handful of key individuals.
  • Leaders who want to minimize the potential business disruption caused by the loss of institutional knowledge due to resignation, termination, or career advancement.
How does your process work?
  • While every program is custom, all involve a series of structured interviews focused on relevant topics resulting in a multimedia knowledge transfer package (written, video, audio) that documents the activities, approach, resources, and network of the target individual.
  • Our onboarding programs involve scheduled online learning, one-on-one meetings, and management follow ups.
Why do organizations trust you and your processes?
  • We are believers in the impact that the individual can have on the success of the entire organization. Employees tell us that they complete our programs feeling engaged, vital, and valued.
  • We are a resource partner to internal human resource and organizational development leaders. These busy professionals have the desire but often lack the time in the day to execute programs like ours. It’s an honor to support them in their mission.
  • As a third party, we bring an outsider’s curiosity to our questions. We avoid the micro-assumptions that internally led programs can make, providing a truly fresh perspective to our deliverables.
When should an organization begin working with you?
  • Ideally, clients engage us prior to an unexpected event so that we can identify key team members and implement our Planned Role Assessment Programs strategically.
  • Often, our clients first ask us to assist during an unexpected employee transition. A key team member has resigned and the organization realizes what it will take to define and document a fraction of the institutional knowledge within the “two week’s notice” period. Our Rapid Role Assessment Programs are appropriate.
  • Our Coaching for Client Teams and Training and Facilitation services are available to all, but generally flow from relationships built after working together on one of the other programs.
  • You can find more information about our Programs and links to Case Studies here.
How much are your programs?
  • Every program is custom quoted after a discovery session to determine scope and mutual fit. However, a good rule of thumb is that the price of a Planned Role Assessment will be 8-10% of one year’s salary for the target role.
  • For our other products, there are too many variables in play to give a standard estimate. We would appreciate the opportunity to scope any of our programs to meet your objectives.
How do you pronounce Lithyus?
  • We’re glad you asked and glad you kept reading to the end.
  • We say LITH-ee-us